Designing and constructing Mega project

One  of the main goal that our board member want to archive is showing off of pure architectural science and art in public places in order to public usage of urban service that save our culture and our national identity.

Designing and constructing minor project

We believe of work specially do able works, we design and execute. We make our customers’ dream, true by accepting our customers’ idea of their own design. We try our best to make dream house.

Interior design

According to major role of the project plan, we try to design adoptive with suitable atmosphere for our customers. This will be happened just with customers satisfaction .most important thing that we always keep in our mind is, furniture layout lighting. That’s what we do, just trust us!


This advantage, that we have our own manufacture, let us to build and execute our idea and also our designs. This thing will separate us from other.

  • Localize foreign products
  • Designing and manufacturing special furniture
  • Designing and manufacturing modern partitions
  • Designing and manufacturing movable office furniture


Education and academic activities is one of our main goal. We believe in scientific works, so that’s make us to establish our own academy to train and educate latest modern method

The purpose of establishing this academy is, Architectural design should be green and stabile so student may have courage to use their talent and art in order to make modern and clean element.

Our courses contains.

  • Smart architecture methods.
  • Green house and zero energy building.
  • Software workshops.
  • Designing and manufactory.
  • Thinking room.
  • Survey architect defects.